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Career Options

Experiance : 3-4 years

Qualification : Graduate

Duties and Responsibilities

The true scope of a Warehouse Specialist’s job will depend upon the needs of the company they work for, but there are quite a few primary responsibilities that can be applied to nearly all Warehouse Specialist positions. We reviewed job listings to identify the following core responsibilities. Oversee Shipping and Receiving Fulfilling orders, packaging items for shipment and arranging delivery pickups are standard duties of the Warehouse Specialist. They may also be responsible for the loading and unloading of materials and products they , as well as verifying the quantity of items received against invoices. Warehouse Specialists are often tasked with keeping detailed shipping and receiving logs to account for all materials that enter and leave the warehouse. Organize Storage Areas Warehouse Specialists not only physically restock shelves, but also are often responsible for organizing how and where materials are stored. Creating an efficient system and keeping a clean warehouse are important parts of the Warehouse Specialist’s job. Monitor Inventory Warehouse Specialists monitor inventory levels in a warehouse. When supplies become low or run out they will either process orders themselves or alert the inventory specialist in their company about their needs.

Specialist Skills

Understanding large-scale organization systems

Knowing inventory control systems

Managing multiple projects simultaneously

Meeting physical requirements, such as lifting, bending and standing for long periods

Knowing Microsoft Office programs, such as Word and Excel

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